01、Underwater inspection

For Marine vessels, platforms, subsea pipeline and system of hydraulic and electric engineering, steel structure, hydraulic structure for underwater explored, underwater photography, video (CCTV), underwater (weld), magnetic particle inspection (UWMT), underwater ultrasonic testing (UWUT), underwater ultrasonic thickness (UTM), underwater detection system (delivered ACFM per input horsepower), corrosion potential measurement items such as underwater inspection.

02、Underwater embalmed

Using the imported special underwater corrosion protection coating machine for Marine and oil platforms in Hanoi, vessels and reservoirs underwater hydraulic structure underwater steel structure anticorrosion coating; Or directly underwater installation of sacrificial anode corrosion.

03、Underwater cleaning desilting and salvage salvage

For ships, platforms, such as sea water biological cleanup; Of waterway, port area and the sunken ships and sunken articles and deposition in reservoir mud debris for underwater salvage cleaning; The sinking, sunken, etc to salvage salvage.

04、Underwater welding and cutting

The use of underwater wet welding, underwater dry welding and CO2 gas protection welding, underwater underwater oxy arc cutting, explosive cutting and other means of steel structure of underwater vessels, platforms, sub-sea pipeline and under water underwater installation demolition work efficiency is very high.

05、Underwater submarine cable laying

Using high pressure water, plough and other tools to underground cables and cable location at the bottom of the sea, the effect is very good.

06、Underwater crack

For offshore vessels, platforms and system of hydraulic and electric engineering dam cracks and structural joint leakage of hydraulic structure for underwater sealing treatment, according to the causes of processing method is divided into two major categories of rigid and flexible.

07、The underwater topography survey and measurement

The measurement of topography storage projects such as submarine or reservoir underwater using global positioning system DGPS, underwater echo sounder, side scan sonar, subbottom profiler and other high-tech precision instruments and equipment.

08、Underwater reinforcement

Water treatment, repair, reinforcement of water conservancy and electric power system of reservoir dam and the coastal inland port terminals and other hydraulic structures of underwater steel structure or the concrete structure defects.

09、Underwater concrete pouring

Yu Haiyang Lake River Reservoir waters such as underwater construction of various reinforced concrete structures, such as without cofferdam traditional construction methods but the use of a new type underwater materials, equipment, process directly in underwater construction, short construction period, high reliability, low comprehensive cost.

10、Under water blasting

The use of underwater directional blasting, smooth blasting, pre splitting blasting, millisecond blasting technology to implement underwater engineering operations.

11、 Underwater construction and installation

Direct construction of various reinforced concrete structures underwater has the advantages of short construction period, high reliability and low comprehensive cost.

12、ROV underwater operations

Using the most advanced Unmanned Underwater Remote Control Submersible (ROV) in the world to work in the harsh and dangerous underwater environment, to complete the task that conventional diving is difficult to accomplish. The ROV provided by our company has powerful manipulator, and the maximum diving depth can reach 1000m.

13、Diving with helium-oxygen mixture

The company is equipped with advanced helium-oxygen mixture diving equipment, which can meet the requirements of diving operation with a depth of 120 meters or less.

14、Large-depth atmospheric diving

The worlds leading atmospheric diving system (ADS) can dive at depths of 0-300 m/600 M.

15、Underwater Engineering Services of Nuclear Power Stations

Cooling water pipeline/tank/tank/tank, filter/grid underwater maintenance, repair, reinforcement, disassembly and installation, underwater inspection, painting, cutting and welding; reactor fuel transmission system, fuel pool storage system and underwater operation detection and repair in pit can ensure safe and high-quality operation below 50 C of water temperature.


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